Get Covered for Unexpected Mechanical Repairs with a Warranty

Save yourself from forking out for unexpected mechanical repairs under our minimum 1 year warranty. Your car will be up and running again in no time!

What Repairs you Would Have to Pay With and Without a Warranty

Car RepairsWarranty Level 2Warranty Level 3
Engine: Engine block, crankshaft, meshing timing gears, oil pump, pistons, piston rings, crankshaft bearings, cylinders, wristpins, camshaft, camshaft gears, connecting rods, internal bushings, balance shaft and bearings only.$3,000$5,000
Gearbox/Transmission: Internal lubricated parts of both manual and automatic transmissions only.$3,000$5,000
Differential: Internal lubricated parts only.$3,000$5,000
Turbocharger/Supercharger: Impellers and bearings only.$3,000$5,000
Cooling System:  Water pump (impeller, shaft bearings and bushings), viscous coupling, cooling fan and thermostat only.$3,000$5,000
Braking System:  Master cylinder, booster and brake calipers only.$3,000$5,000
Electrical System: Alternator, generator, voltage regulator and windscreen wiper motor only.$3,000$5,000
Steering System: Steering box, rack and pinion and feeder pipers only.$3,000$5,000
Fuel System: Fuel injectors, carburetor and fuel pump only.$3,000$5,000
Clutch System: Pressure plate only.$3,000$5,000
Air Conditioning: Compressor, evaporator and condenser only.$3,000$5,000
Drive Shaft and Universals: Drive shaft and universal joints only.$3,000$5,000
ABS System: ABS control unit only.$3,000$5,000
Engine Computer: Internal components of engine ECU only.$3,000$5,000
Ignition System: Ignition switch, starter motor and distributor drive gear on$3,000$5,000
Electronic Ignition Components: Ignition module, ignition coil and crank angle sensor only.$3,000$5,000
Electronic Transmission Components: Computer and solenoids only.$3,000$5,000
Cylinder Head: Head gaskets, cylinder head, valves and lifters only.$3,000$5,000
Radiator: Leaks due to split and fractured tank only.$3,000$5,000
Power Window Motors: Motor only.$3,000$5,000

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